• support of production and logistics, sequencing
  • 100% sorting
  • input, output and inter-operational control
  • taking over the entry control of the plant
  • taking over the output control of the plant
  • inspection ordered by the customer
  • quality wall - quality wall
  • statistical acceptance
  • logistics and packaging
  • product sampling
  • repairs
  • resident engineers
  • consulting services
  • taking over production operations - pre-assembly, assembly
  • taking over the production of spare parts
  • scrap disassembly and management

Under the concept of production outsourcing, we can imagine the transfer of the entire production process or only its partial parts to an external supplier.

Production outsourcing can be divided into two types:
  1. Outsourcing of complete production operations (the following is transferred to suppliers: production process, transport, preparations for production, repairs of production equipment);
  2. Outsourcing of semi-finished products and components (production processes of partial components are transferred to an external company, but assembly remains fully within the competence of the customer).
With the given method of cooperation, the scope of obligations of the client and the outsourcing company is contractually defined.

Advantages of production outsourcing
  • the opportunity to focus on the development of new products and services
  • increasing the flexibility of the number of products produced
  • the opportunity to focus on what the company is an expert in
  • entrusting production processes to experts who provide high quality services
  • reduction in the number of regular employees
  • reduction of administrative burden associated with staff

Advantages of cooperation
  • Workforce flexibility
  • Reduction of time and financial costs related to employees
  • Diversity of disciplines
  • Significantly less administrative burden
  • There is no decrease in productivity
  • Easier termination of employment


Independent inventory
  • providing staff to carry out an independent quantity / quality inventory of the warehouse
  • knowledge of warehouse information systems

  • repackaging damaged paper boxes into identical ones

Material screening
  • focused not only on material defects
  • most often according to PN material, individual batches
  • used as a step prior to material conversion

Material conversion
  • transfer to other PN material incl. own relabeling
  • ensuring possible additional work on the product

Sequencing of parts or materials
  • Sequencing in the warehouse according to the list or with the "Pick by Light" system (into the sequential trolley)


We carefully select employees for the required positions. He passes entrance tests of concentration, dexterity and resistance to stress. We regularly train employees at ČSJ or DTO (TQ, QM, QC, statistical methods, measurement capability). We train them very effectively in the form of instruction in the performance of work. We have a carefully designed motivation system with an awareness of our own responsibility.

Our employees are the source of our strength.
We value all our employees very much and we believe that their satisfaction goes hand in hand with the success of the company.
Many talented people work in our company and our performance is determined by their experience. We therefore try to create ideal working conditions for them and support their professional growth.
It is they who create the company's capabilities and determine the company's reputation and reputation.
We support personal development.
We give all employees access to a number of programs in the field of education and personal development.

Description of the HR work system
  • qualification system (qualification matrix)
  • education in relation to quality - system of training and tests
  • concentration test - performance and quality of work
  • skill test
  • professional verification of sight and hearing
  • good health
  • work teams with clear responsibilities
  • language skills (if required, staff with knowledge of German, English)
  • own work clothes also with regard to the ECJ
  • color differentiation from the customer's regular employees
  • color differentiation of the team leader


The customer is the main and basic evaluator of our work, his satisfaction is our goal. That is why we are committed to providing our customers in the automotive industry not only with quality and reliable services, but also with them as an important partner.

Quality, which is the cornerstone of a company's prosperity, must be a matter for all employees.

Continuously increasing care for our human resources, which are an essential factor in our business success and customer satisfaction, is our priority.